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We Believe in the Magic of Mushrooms!

Mushrooms are taking over as a superfood and super health option available in many new and unique forms. A quick online search will lead you to gummy mushroom supplements, mushroom protein powders, and even mushroom coffee replacements, just to name a few…

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happy kids in a huddle


Parents want to raise happy and healthy kids. We love our children with all of our hearts, and we want to give them the absolute best. But how exactly can we do that? The old joke is true – there is no parenting manual. And while there are hundreds of thousands of parenting books, resources, and experts, in reality sorting through so much information can be overwhelming…

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sunflower field

Your Regenerative Agriculture Crash Course

Sometimes you hear a statistic and think, “that doesn’t sound like it could be true.” But, as the world shifted to industrial farming methods, in the last century, we have depleted HALF the world’s topsoil…

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body care for every body

Body Care For Every Body

Routine or ritual? Most of us have an established body care process, even if we don’t realize it! And since we’re already spending time tending to our heads, shoulders, knees, and toes, why not find small, simple ways to elevate the experience?

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Earth Day, hands planting in garden

Easy Ways to Celebrate Earth Day, Everyday

Every April, we celebrate Earth Day. How we celebrate has changed, though, since it was founded in 1970…

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happy senior couple hiking

Longevity Practices to Help You Live Well

Who doesn’t hope to live a long life? Longevity is something we all hope for. So often, our culture focuses on living a long life, but we need to expand our definition of longevity to include health. Wouldn’t living a long life, full of energy, agility, and health well into our last years, be wonderful?

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self love

Simple Ways to Practice Self-Love

It’s easy to put all of your energy into cultivating love for others, especially around Valentine’s Day. But this year, to truly embrace the season of love, let’s take some time to look at what Self-Love means, and how it can improve your life, because Self-Love is the root of all love

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How to Live Healthy in 2022? Focus on These 4 Areas.

A New Year brings new excitement for living intentionally, creating the life you want, and…setting resolutions, of course! Over the years, our team of Wellness Experts has learned that the best New Year resolutions tend to focus on the small daily changes that lead up to big changes…

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Why We Love Essential Oils

The versatility of Essential Oils brings a natural approach to many daily functions and needs.Not too long ago, you could only find Essential Oil products in specialty stores but now, they’re used in a range of products from supplements to laundry detergents. Essential Oils almost feel like a new trend as they’re now in products everywhere!…

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Attitude of Gratitude

Acts of gratitude supports both physical and psychological health. As the days grow shorter and darker, the approaching season of coziness also brings lots of cold-weather germs. Leaves are in their full autumnal splendor and the air is crisp. So naturally, our minds are often occupied by the thoughts of…Turkey of course! Yes, we’re all excited about the upcoming holidays. But this is also typically the time of year where it’s common to reflect on what we have to be thankful for…

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Build Immunity for Flu Season

As the days grow shorter and darker, the approaching season of coziness also brings lots of cold-weather germs. Naturally, we want our immune system to function optimally all year round. But with the cold and flu season approaching, it’s a good time to think about building immunity…

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Happy & Healthy Kids

Parents want to raise happy and healthy kids. We love our children with all of our hearts, and we want to give them the absolute best. But how exactly can we do that? The old joke is true… 

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Hydration for health + summer skin care tips

Summertime means sunshine and salty water… but did you know that it’s also the season of hydrating? It’s so easy… 

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How to optimize your health with Ayurveda

People are talking about it on Instagram, in our favorite (zoom) yoga classes, and in the news. Ayurveda has become a popular topic… 

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Our Fave Clean Beauty Ingredients for Healthy Skin

Glowing, healthy skin. We all want it! And if you’ve ever wished a Wellness Professional could help you figure out how to start or improve your current clean beauty routine, you’re in luck… 

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Vitamin Joy Podcast with Shelby Stanger

Lazy Acres has partnered up with an Encinitas-local podcaster, Shelby Stanger, to bring fun, joy-filled wellness podcasts to life. Check out a few of our fave episodes… 

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3 ways to relax – the natural way – that you can put into action today

There are countless ways to relax and enjoy temporary moments of calm. But to truly optimize your overall wellbeing, it’s important to foster an environment… 

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Brain Health – A Key Part of Overall Wellness

When you think about living in your most optimal state of health, where does brain health fit in? It’s easy to consider key areas like eating well, sleeping well, meditating well, and moving well… 

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Increase your energy and vitality – easy ways you can support cell health. Currently, cellular health is in the wellness spotlight and mitochondria is a buzzword in the wellness world…

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How to Live Healthy in 2021 by Focusing on These 4 Areas

We made it to 2021… have you set your New Year’s resolution? Generally, we’d be kicking off the New Year with offers centered around helping you achieve weight loss goals only…

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