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1841 N. Western., Los Angeles CA 90027

(213) 319-3864
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Join us for our Community Celebration Sat, July 29th, 11am – 3pm

We can’t wait to meet you and continue to build a community that thrives on shared experiences, delicious flavors, and well-being. See you then!

meet our store director, David Schaefer

“I am so proud, privileged, and grateful to be asked to help open and manage this important Los Feliz and Hollywood neighborhood store. This newest Lazy Acres format offers a spacious, comfortable, and relaxed shopping experience that is unsurpassed. Partnering closely with local schools, churches, and surrounding communities has been an awesome and rewarding experience, one that I look forward to in the years to come.”


See current job openings here

  • All Department Managers
  • Store Ops Administrator
  • All Asst Department Managers and Shift Supervisors
  • Meat – Cutters, Clerks
  • Seafood – Clerks
  • Sushi – Clerks
  • Food Service – Cooks (prep and production), Clerks
  • Produce – Chop Shop, Clerks
  • Grocery – Clerks
  • Wine – Clerks
  • Front End – Shift Supervisor, Cashiers
  • Cheese – Clerks
  • Dairy – Clerks
  • Natural Living – Clerks
  • Housewares – Clerks
  • Floral – Clerks
  • Coffee/Juice – Clerks
  • Receiving
  • Chalk Artist