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We take care to select the freshest and most vibrant produce with health and wellness in mind. Our produce department maintains a full selection of the season’s finest fruits and vegetables with a focus on local and organic farmers. We align our buying practices with our local farmer’s growing windows to ensure the highest quality selection for our customers. Each season means a different, delicious harvest at Lazy Acres, from blackberries to Brussels sprouts.

The passion behind our product offerings: An interview with Director of Produce, Scott Wiggans:

Can you share a goal that you want to accomplish in your department in the next year?

“Be on the forefront of working with regenerative farmers to figure out how to bridge the gap between growers, retailers (like Lazy Acres), and customers.”

What makes Lazy Acres’ produce departments unique?

“There are many parts to produce–probably more than most realize! Things are very quick, we are constantly bringing in new items, it’s a constant evolution. Having the most unique products displayed in a way that is appealing to customers in the right locations is a challenging yet rewarding goal. We offer higher quality produce with a focus on sizing, flavor, and freshness. We aim to carry as many rare or exclusive items as we can and we focus on organic and local produce at all opportunities.”

If you were stuck on a desert island and could only take 3 products from Lazy Acres, what would they be?

“Honey glow pineapple (it’s hard to find pineapple!), deionized water (all minerals removed), and fresh wild-caught Atlantic salmon.”

What are 3 words you would use to describe Lazy Acres?

“Quality, optimism and sustainability-minded.”

Scott Wiggans, Director of Produce