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Our sushi and poké bar features fresh, high quality seafood with a variety of delicious items to mix and match. We offer a myriad of wild-caught fish, including ahi tuna, salmon, and our house special spicy “aloha” tuna. We’ve brought the taste of Hawaii to each of our stores–our build-your-own poké bar is the neighborhood go-to spot for poké, featuring excellent toppings like avocado, kimchi, diced mango, microgreens, crispy onions, sauces, oils and more. From fresh sashimi to California Rolls, our sushi chefs prepare dozens of delicious rolls around the clock.

The passion behind our product offerings: An interview with Director of Poke Bar & Sushi, Craig Tsuchiyama:

Tell us about your role with Lazy Acres.

“I’m responsible for our sushi and poké bars. It’s imperative to find the highest grade seafood–taste, texture, and food safety are our number one drivers. It’s taken a lot of time to find the right fish suppliers that meet our high standards. And it’s constantly changing.”

What makes Lazy Acres’ Sushi and Poké Bars unique?

“Quality. Our rice is a big part of the sushi experience. The rice vinegar we use is our own special blend and that is a big part of what makes it so special. A lot has gone into the rice making process to ensure it is perfect every time.”

What would you say is the biggest challenge of the job?

“Steady supply of wild fish can be challenging. Our standards make it difficult–an example would be that our salmon is constantly changing because of the quality. The different regions we buy from are changing all the time. We are quick to do a switch if we feel like it doesn’t feel the fish is up to our standard. We double test our tuna to ensure that we’re offering the best quality to our customers.”

Craig Tsuchiyama, Director of Sushi & Poke