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Formed in 2011 as an organization responsible for developing a public-private partnership in the management of the Park, raising funds, and collaborating with Balboa Park stakeholders, the Balboa Park Conservancy merged with the long-standing service organization Balboa Park Central, in 2014.

Originating in 1923, Balboa Park Central (previously the House of Hospitality Association) promoted cultural and recreational use of the Park through the Balboa Park Visitors Center and Balboa Park Marketing. These programs provided a valuable service to the City of San Diego, the park institutions, the San Diego community, and visitors from around the world.

During its developmental stage, the Balboa Park Conservancy worked to identify and implement projects to address sustainability and accessibility, gained valuable input from park stakeholders during a set of Collaborative Conversations, successfully co-hosted Balboa Park December Nights with the City of San Diego, and identified its first signature project in the Park: the rehabilitation and restoration of the Botanical Building. This merged organization, operating as the Balboa Park Conservancy, is fully committed to pursuing the goals of improving, ensuring and enhancing the sustainability and accessibility of the park through fundraising, to implement projects, and a commitment to park-wide initiatives that improve the visitor experience.

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