Lazy Acres has partnered up with an Encinitas-local podcaster, Shelby Stanger, to bring fun, joy-filled wellness podcasts to life. Check out below for a few of our fave episodes!

The Joy of Radical Self Love by Lori Harder walks listeners through her experiences on how she went from overweight kid to fitness model, talks entrepreneurship and boundaries, and how to add in more self-love with your body, your mind and your work.

The Joy of Getting Offline with Chris Colin talks about the joy of writing a kid’s book for adults, how joyful it is to go offline, how you can do it without going cold turkey, and the benefits of an analog world. Just like Chris’s book, this episode is short and sweet.

The Joy of Healing Trauma and Awakening Our Wild Self with Kimberly Ann Johnson talks about actionable things we can do to heal ourselves — things that are accessible, like breathwork, cold immersion, orienteering, and making a blue sandwich. (You’ll have to listen to find out what that is.) Enjoy!

The Joy of Simplicity, Sobriety and Minimalism with Courtney Carver talks about the joy of simplicity and minimalism — both emotional and physical — and even touches on the joy of sobriety. This episode is packed with wisdom. Enjoy!

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