Mighty Mitochondria

Increase your energy and vitality – easy ways you can support cell health

Currently, cellular health is in the wellness spotlight and mitochondria is a buzzword in the wellness world… and for a good reason. Don’t feel bad if this isn’t a term you’ve heard since high school biology class, though! 

Optimizing cell health has been shown to increase energy, vitality, overall health, and even to slow the aging process! And our Mighty Mitochondria have come more into focus recently because they are the true generators powering our bodies… and our cellular health. 

While the nutrients you consume give you energy, it’s really the mitochondrial function driving every biochemical reaction and cellular process in your body. 

Let’s put on our student hats for a moment and look at how this works. 

You’re composed of approximately 37 trillion cells. And inside of every one of those 37 trillion cells you will find fantastic little cellular components called mitochondria. They are the central point where the food you eat and the oxygen you breathe are combined to make energy to power your body (aka the Krebs cycle). Mitochondria generate most of the energy needed to power our cellular biochemical reactions… your mitochondria are quite literally the energy producing powerhouses inside every one of the cells that make you, YOU.

Supporting mitochondria health supports cell health and the health of your heart, your brain, your lungs, your liver, and your kidneys. Healthy mitochondria means more energy, more vitality, and a healthier life. 

So… What exactly can we do to support our mitochondria? 

It’s as simple as improving lifestyle choices and following a good supplement routine. 

Lifestyle choices that support your mitochondria and cell health.

Here are a few easy steps, foods and supplements that can help you feel confident that your mitochondria are strong and healthy!

Exercise: Exercise Is key in enhancing mitochondrial bioenergetics. In fact, endurance exercise has been shown to increase mitochondrial content per gram of tissue leading to improved aerobic metabolism.

Sauna: When we expose ourselves to heat therapy in a sauna, the energetic needs of our mitochondria go up. Our mitochondria respond by using oxygen in the blood more efficiently. In one study, repeated exposure to heat stress for 6 days increased mitochondrial function by 28%!

Ice baths: Evidence is mounting that cold therapy improves mitochondrial health through a process known as “mitochondrial biogenesis.” Mitochondrial biogenesis is the process by which we produce new mitochondria.

Ketones and ketosis: Ketones such as acetoacetate (AA) and b-hydroxybutyrate (b-OHB) lead to decreases in oxidative stress and improvements in mitochondrial biogenesis and mitochondrial function. You can supplement with ketones or choose to follow a ketogenic diet.

Eat Fiber-rich foods: This can help remove the toxic build up that can slow down mitochondria function increase. 

Omega 3 fats: These fasts help build your mitochondrial membranes. Consuming wild caught fish, nuts, or seeds are delicious ways to increase your Omega 3 fat intake.

Supplements that support your mitochondria and cell health 

Omega 3 supplements: If you’re not a fan of wild caught fish, nuts, or seeds, taking fish oil supplements is a great way to increase your Omega 3 fat intake and to help build mitochondrial membranes. buy now >

CoQ10: CoQ10 is the primary antioxidant our cells use to support and protect mitochondria. Without this vital molecule, the level of energy our mitochondria produce declines and the energy that is available decreases. buy now >

PQQ: PQQ has been shown to improve mitochondrial respiration and stimulate mitochondrial biogenesis. buy now >

Other mitochondria protective and energy boosting micronutrients include: 

  • Acetyl-L-Carnitine
  • AlphaLipoic Acid
  • NADH
  • Resveratrol
  • Magnesium

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What to take away from this article: 

  1. Mitochondrial function powers your body. Supporting your mitochondria supports increased cell health leading to overall health, wellness, vitality, energy, and even slowing the aging process!
  2. You can support mitochondrial function and cell health in two ways: with lifestyle choices and by following a well-planned supplement regimen. 
  3. Our Lazy Acres Wellness Experts are ready to help answer any questions you have and to help you find the tools you need in order to optimize your cellular health. 

As we all take steps to improve our health and to live well, we inspire others and give them permission to do the same. Living Healthy improves our lives on a micro level and also helps us begin to contribute to the improvement of our environment, our communities, and our world in ways we can’t always imagine. 

Visit your local Lazy Acres to discover the supplements you need to support your mitochondrial function so that you can Live Healthy and Live Happy. 

Our Director of Natural Living, Silvia, and special guest Santi share more on mitochondria health in this YouTube video.