Attitude of Gratitude

Acts of gratitude supports both physical and psychological health

As the days grow shorter and darker, the approaching season of coziness also brings lots of cold-weather germs.

Leaves are in their full autumnal splendor and the air is crisp. So naturally, our minds are often occupied by the thoughts of . . . Turkey of course!

Yes, we’re all excited about the upcoming holidays. But this is also typically the time of year where it’s common to reflect on what we have to be thankful for.

And while Thanksgiving is a nice reminder to take time and count our blessings, it’s important to create a habit of being thankful throughout the year. can have tremendous positive benefits for your quality of life.

Feeling grateful supports both physical and psychological health.

So, with Thanksgiving just around the corner, our team of Wellness Experts would like to share ways for you to embrace this season of gratitude, exploring ways to Live Well, the Lazy Way.

Here are our favorite ways to bring gratitude into your daily life, so that you can begin to harvest its many benefits.

Journaling for a few minutes each day and writing out what you’re grateful for can enhance long-term happiness. This helps you shift your focus and attention to what is good in your lives instead of focusing on what is bad and fosters more happiness. The more we think about what we are grateful for, the more we find to be grateful for.

Telling someone why you’re grateful for them influences how trustworthy, social, and appreciative we are perceived by others. Regularly sharing gratitude with your loved ones improves relationships. Those who are more grateful and express gratitude have wider social circles, more friends, and better relationships.

Finding ways to express gratitude makes us more optimistic. Not only does showing our gratitude help others feel more positive but also makes us think more positively.

Being generous and giving back to a cause you care about can decrease the focus on self, and open us up to increased feelings of connectedness and community. Giving helps us remember how much we do have to share and to be grateful for. This can soothe the feelings we often have of needing or wanting more and helps us shift to a focus on connection over accumulation.

Taking a Gratitude Minute in the shower to focus on all that you have can help cultivate an automatic practice that’s easy to remember and easy to maintain. Simply saying out loud to yourself just one thing every time you take a shower can be a powerful step to build your gratitude practice.

How does gratitude affect us?

Physical Health

Ample evidence exists to show practicing gratitude can improve your physical health. Those who regularly follow a gratitude practice are more likely to exercise. And, practicing gratitude, even sporadically, results in significant decreases in blood pressure, resulting in better overall health.

Mental Health and Wellbeing

Gratitude journaling in particular has been shown to have a powerful effect on mood. When done just before bed, it can lead to increased sleep quality which as you know leads to enhanced well-being.

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As we all take steps to improve our health and to live well, we inspire others and give them permission to do the same. Living Healthy improves our lives on a micro level and also helps us begin to contribute to the improvement of our environment, our communities, and our world in ways we can’t always imagine.